About Flexoduct

We develop products to meet today's demands for quality and user-friendliness. Our ambition is to make the installers' everyday life easier and to provide a product that is easy to handel, assemble and stock. As more and more people choose FTX for both new installations and renovations, our flexible ducts are ideal, 10 meter duct is available uninsulated, insultated and soundproof. All with reliable technical data. Time is money, ask the ventilation installers if nothing else. With 300,00 FTX systems that need to be replaced and the need for flexible, type-approved and well-documented and tested flexible ducts, FLEXODUCT sees its place in the market.

Our products
With 30 years of development and production in self-made machines, we know everything there is to know about flexible channels. Today it is a recognized product that fuctions as an accessory or as complete duct system with the accessories needed for a fully functional ventilation solution in fire cells up to 200 square meters. 

Our customers 
You can find us at your nationwide wholesaler. If it is unlikely to be available, ask for Flexoduct and they will bring the goods home to you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

25 years of industry experience. Introduced DEC international's range in Sweden for GDS (DO IT YOURSHELF MARKET). We are now launching the complete flexible duct system FLEXODUCT. We are available to the professionals at Sweden's leading wholesaler. Ask about us and our products. Please contact us for technical data and other Questions.

Flexoduct is the right environmental choice:
-No unnecessary transport, 10m in 1m packaging.
-Provides safe and fast insulation, which minimizes energy losses in the ventilation system.